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Transcalor is in the phase of implantation in the Sirius Laboratory

Transcalor is in the phase of implantation of 5,400TR's (16 million kcal / h) of Centrifugal Chillers TurboTrans Oil Free Smardt Chillers to the Sirius Laboratory, built in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.

Febrava 2017 - Laboratory Sirius

TRANSCALOR IN FEBRUARY 2017 ABSOLUTE SUCCESS. Sirius project will have Chillers Transcalor

Transcalor at the JPR Fair 2017

Dedicated to Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy

Transcalor in the Brazilian Plastic Fair 2017

Launch of High Energy Efficiency Chillers Smardt using Turbocor technology of oil-free magnetic bearings, in addition to the traditional Cold Water Units with Scroll Inverter, Thermoregulators, DryCoolers, Burned Heat Exchangers

Transcalor Intelligent Process Solutions

The efficient heat transfer is projected through intelligent solutions, encompasses modern technologies, intense studies and environmental sustainability

Febrava 2015 with the Centrifugal Chiller

Transcalor wins Seal of Technological Innovation at Febrava 2015 with the TurboTrans Oil Free Centrifugal Chiller, manufactured in Brazil in partnership with the global leader Smardt, using Turbocor High Energy Efficiency Compressors in its CHILLERS.


Easy Financing

Our equipment includes a high nationalization index, allowing clients to access credit lines including BNDES Finame, Leasing, Proger, etc.

Institutional Video

Find out why the name Transcalor is synonymous with the manufacture of chillers, heat exchangers, and other equipment for controlling temperature in industrial processes.