Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

Transcalor has established partnerships with a wide range of companies to develop the Turnkey Solution, which encompasses the Chiller, Air Conditioner, Chilled Water Tubing, Air Conditioning Ducts, RF/Magnetic Shielding, and Quench Pipe.

We offer this complete solution, under the management of a single company, Transcalor.


RF/Magnetic Shielding

Transcalor works in partnership with the company MR Insite to provide RF/Magnetic Shielding with the highest quality and guarantee to our clients.


Quench Pipe

Transcalor installs the external Quench Pipe. With highly trained staff, all of our designs have their Technical Responsibility Annotation (ART) registered with the responsible body (CREA).


Chilled Water Tubing and Air Conditioning Ducts

Transcalor provides the materials and installs the tubing that connects the Chiller to the Flow Panel and Air Conditioning ducts in the exam room, technical room, and command room.

Comfort and Precision Air Conditioning

Transcalor offers a full range of air conditioning services, with every type of chiller that exists, each of which has its own specifications in terms of capacity and compressor type, creating a range of options for the end user, designer, installation team, and builder. Meanwhile, precision air conditioning has its own suite of equipment specially designed for mission critical environments, with extreme technical validation of performance indices.

Energy efficiency is an important concern when we design Transcalor comfort air conditioning, which is why Transcalor is the only Brazilian company to sell and manufacture in Brazil TurboTrans Chillers, the only Chillers with Oil-Free Centrifugal technology, which provides the world’s highest energy efficiency using the Turbocor compressor. Our other products also include high tech solutions for energy efficiency, like Scroll Inverter compressors and Screw VSDs (screw inverters).

Products that serve the Comfort and Precision Air Conditioning markets:

- ScrollTrans Chiller                   from 1 to 240TR;

- ScrewTrans VSD Chiller          from 100 to 400TR;

- TurboTrans Chiller                   from 80 to 2,500TR; efficiencies on the order of 0.3 kW/TR

- Precision Air Conditioners (Wall-Mounted, Self Perimetral, InRow, Roof-Top, Fancoil);