TurboTrans Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller

TurboTrans Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller

Smardt, the global leader in manufacturing Turbocor Centrifugal Chillers, and Transcalor, the respected Brazilian manufacturer of Scroll and Screw Chillers, bring to Brazil leading energy-efficient technology for air conditioning and cooling of industrial processes: the exclusive TurboTrans Centrifugal Chiller.

With more than 5,000 chillers manufactured and installed worldwide, more than 10,000 Turbocor compressor in use, and absolute market leadership in Canada, the United States, Germany, China, Singapore, and Australia, it is Brazil’s turn to encounter the technical revolution in chiller technology, offering countless environmental and social benefits.


Decades of Development

Smardt-Transcalor Turbocor Centrifugal Chillers are the fruit of more than 20 years of experience, because the Turbocor compressor technology was developed by the founder of the Smardt Chiller Group Inc., who was also the founder of Turbocor, which was later acquired by Danfoss. Oil-free magnetic bearings technology is taken very seriously by Smardt and Transcalor, as they offer appropriate control for the complex operation and monitoring of the compressor, offering expertise in the manufacture of special flooded shell and tube evaporators, using latest generation software to select chillers and their components (including precise calculations of essential outputs for designers and installers).


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become one of the major challenges facing industry, commerce, homes, building systems, data centers, etc., because energy production and distribution have become more expensive every day, with more difficult access to energy sources. With this partnership, Transcalor offers Brazil the largest range of capacities of the globally respected and validated Turbocor Centrifugal Chillers, which can be air- or water-chilled, free-cooling, adiabatic evaporation, modular, split-circuit, or remote condenser. All of the configurations offer energy efficiency, seeking to optimize the use of the Turbocor compressor, which has a contact-free and frictionless floating axis, through its features that include:

- Frequency variation

- Magnetic bearings

- Oil-free, in order to prevent wear over time

- High-volume centrifugal dislocation

- High rotation speed (up to 50,000 rpm)

- Environmentally-friendly refrigerants HFC R-134a or R-1234ze, always

- Compact and light-weight

- Quiet

- Reliable, and low-maintenance

- Soft-start of just 2A.


Together, these advantages create the world’s highest energy efficiency (IPLV).

Graph showing the energy efficiency of available compressors in kW/TR and the respective partial refrigeration load in “percentage of load,” showing that the Turbocor Centrifugal Chiller is the highest efficiency unit available (the less energy used to produce the same amount of refrigeration, the better). When speed is reduced, energy consumption is reduced to the power of three.


The graph shows that the energy used by a chiller with Turbocor compressors does not change over time, because the compressor is free of friction and wear, while other units attain their theoretical energy use only when new; after one year of use the original energy use data increase due to wear on the parts and the friction among parts and between the parts and the oil itself, and the thermal exchange falls greatly due to the distribution of oil in the system. The graph on the right shows the short term advantage of purchasing a Turbocor Chiller: savings from energy efficiency generally make up for the initial price difference within two years.



Range from 70 TR to 450 TR in a single piece of equipment

TurboTrans TTA Chillers offer the best range on the market, with quieter operation and higher IPLV efficiency.

The condensers use a V-shaped configuration to optimize heat rejection. The condenser’s high-efficiency finned honeycombs have five rows of differentiated 7mm-diameter tubes, with surface treated fins to prevent corrosion.

High efficiency fans are used, with smart frequency controls run by the unit’s PLC.

There are countless models and combinations between 70TR and 450TR per unit, for air-cooled models, but some of the most popular models are listed below. For more information on these and other standard models, contact Transcalor, because data on dimensions, technical performance, energy consumption, etc. will be shared only on request.



Only Turbocor Centrifugal Chiller technology allows the most energy efficient free-cooling; that is, in cool regions, specific times of day and times of year allow major energy savings, because the refrigerant circulates without turning on the compressor thanks to the thermosyphon effect, simply by varying the frequencies of the fans, cooling the water that passes by the evaporator using free-cooling. The thermosyphon effect can be attained because the equipment does not use oil, allowing the refrigerant to circulate without direct intervention.

Example of a dual circuit in a single piece of equipment; the left side operating with free-cooling and the right side operating in standard refrigeration mode using the compression cycle.



Range from 60TR to 1,200TR in a single piece of equipment

Built not to fail, TTW Chillers include high-efficiency shell and tube evaporators and condensers, which have technical heat exchange tubes with special Wieland fins, and the fact that the evaporators are flooded further increases their efficiency. Smardt has invested years in researching heat exchangers, and their thermal and mechanical properties, always respecting design and manufacturing regulations.

The versatility provided by having multiple compressors eliminates several “master and slave” controls that are needed between multiple modular chillers, making larger chillers extremely reliable.

The TTW line’s low cost operation, ease of use, modern and internationally validated PLC, with monitoring in Portuguese.

Network integration and Modbus, BACnet, LonWoks and other protocols, reflects the intelligence of the equipment interface.


Pioneering Spirit

Transcalor is Brazil’s first company to offer water-cooled chillers with the new sustainable refrigerant R-1234ze as an optional alternative to the, also sustainable, HFC-134A, in an effort to improve ODP (ozone depletion potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential). This new format allows IPLV below 0.28kW/TR, increasing the chiller’s efficiency.