Designed for industrial processes that require precise control and medium-to-high temperatures, the Transcalor Thermoregulator operates on alternating heating and cooling circuits based on the value adjusted by its Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The flexibility of being able to choose either water or thermal oil as the transfer fluid makes it easier and faster to add the unit to the process, and it is possible to run the unit in either blend or indirect mode.

Because we have different fluids, the equipment can control temperature limits of up to 130°C for pressurized water (TMW) and 250°C for oil (TMO), with up to 0.5°C of variation around the set point.

In order to achieve the desired control, an uninterrupted source of external cold water is required, either from a Transcalor cold water unit or Transcalor cooling tower.

The unit’s components live up to, and highlight, the quality standards set by our engineering department, making the units innovative, safe, and efficient.


Other Transcalor Advantages:

• Control and user communication system through HMI (human machine interface), which indicates operational status, visual and audio alarms, and error alerts

• Interlock key with the electrical panel, energy button, lighted activity signage tower (energized, in operation, error)

• Stainless steel hydraulic circuit with non-ferrous metal connections

• External water pressure regulator for the cold water source (optional)

• Direct connections, eliminating hosing

• Boiler, flanges, pressurized nozzles undergo mechanical calculation of resistance to determine size and material

• Hydraulic circuit undergoes hydrostatic testing (1.3x the project pressure) with certified manometers

• Low maintenance