THC Hospital MRI Chiller

THC Hospital MRI Chiller

Reliability and Durability

Bearing in mind the importance of preventing the loss of helium gas in the THC line, which is difficult to replace, causes sessions to be cancelled and discomfort for patients, Transcalor designed equipment for each model of the major manufacturers of diagnostic equipment, to ensure that the resulting technology provides tranquility, safety and comfort.


Solidity, Safety, and High Technology

With deep experience in refrigeration, Trancalor launched its new product line - Transcalor Health Care – dedicated to image diagnostics equipment.

In the THC product line, Transcalor presents:

  • MRI Chiller
  • Flow Panel
  • Handheld Monitor


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tomography, Pet-CT, Linear Accelerator, Air Conditioning.


MRI Chiller Technology

The MRI Chiller is designed with a focus on energy efficiency, ease of use, and safety in monitoring and operation. To that end, we use components from respected companies that are certified to meet Transcalor’s quality standards, directed by the manufacturing regulations that ensure safe operation.


Health Care Flow Panel

Designed to provide continuous monitoring of temperature, pressure, flow and quality of water, for both input and output, between the MRI Chiller and the MRI machine.

The Flow Panel is widely accepted among MRI machine manufacturers thanks to its ease of use and versatility, which allow easy operation and constant visualization of data.

The Transcalor Flow Panel contains a digital flow meter, water view panel, thermometers and nanometers for both input and output lines (chilled water for the process, and backflow). For operation, there is an on/off switch.


Automation and Monitoring - Health Care 

The equipment includes a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) high tech microprocessor, with a control logic specially developed by Transcalor. The smart microprocessor monitors errors and component operation and the overall status of the system.