TermoChiller Graphic

TermoChiller Graphic

Controlled heating and cooling in a single unit, known as the Transcalor TermoChiller.

Comprised of a complete cooling system (air conditioning cycle) and electric resistance heating, with distinct pumps and tubes, in the same housing, water- or solution-cooled, and controlled between 5°C and 90°C.


Main uses:

• Flexography: ensures quality printing regardless of natural local conditions, maintaining precise temperatures for each component of the process (calendar rolls, central drum)

• HP digital printers: used in high-speed production digital printers

• Plastic processing: apply distinct temperatures for each phase of the process in the mold ensures high productivity and quality, with the flexibility to send hot and cold water through two separate flows.


• Precision temperature control within 0.5°C

• Models with one or two water flows

• Corrosion-resistant pumps and tubing

• Automatic water refill

• Pumps chosen to meet required flow and pressure

• Control with failure warnings and dynamic readout of operation status.


Safety and regulations

Transcalor considers safety a requirement. Installation and electrical panels follow the standards of regulations NR-10, NR-12 and NBR 5410, offering the operator safety. Boilers have safety valves that are certified to function when MAWP (maximum allowable working pressure) is exceeded.