Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Transcalor’s high efficiency heat pumps are 100% manufactured in Brazil, through a partnership with the leading American company Aquacal, which cedes intellectual property rights to Transcalor, a longstanding leader in Brazil in the manufacture of thermal products and solutions.

High performance, practicality, operational safety, and leading edge technology are the trademarks of Transcalor Heat Pumps.


Major technical and operational advantages:

• Exclusive tube-in-tube titanium condenser, patented by ThermoLink.

• Digital microprocessor with defrost control to allow cycle operation at low temperature.

• Resistant hood made of special UV- and weather-resistant material.

• Environmentally sustainable R-410A refrigerant.

• High-efficiency scroll compressors, low-noise fans.

• Attached drain to remove condensates.

• Manufactured in accordance with safety and operational regulations.