Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower


Cooling towers are used frequently to cool water for industrial processes, in shell & tube condensers, and plate chillers, and by merging tradition and innovation, the partnership between Transcalor and Alpina will provide our clients with the best possible cost-benefit, offering fast and secure options, with an assurance of high technology in the final product.


• Air intake in countercurrents, with outlet of humid air upward vertically

• Small volume

• Can be completely disassembled

• Easy access for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning

• Available for industrial noise levels and quiet noise levels



Made entirely of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), self-supporting, dark green in color (standard), red (self-extinguishing) or optionally in other colors (by request).



• Made of FRP, an integral part of the structure

• Drain, refill, overflow, and optional quick-filler in PVC with BSP threading

• Outlet mesh: impedes air suction, allowing practically the entire volume of water to be used; guaranteed impermeability.

• Steel counterflange in the chilled water outlet • Rubber hosing in the hot water intake.



• Extremely tough, extruded in heavy PVC thickness, in two stages • Panels can be disassembled, with supports above the water distribution system, for easy removal and washing

• Low loss of static air pressure and high ability to retain drips.



Using light pressure, through the PVC distribution tree and polypropylene nozzles.



• Trapezoidal polypropylene grids, with vertical channels for use in “problem water,” especially industrial water

• High mechanical and chemical resistance

• Elasticity for washing and handling

• High heat exchange capacity

• High resistance to continuous high temperatures, up to 75ºC

• The vertical lozenge grid shape supports substantial incrustations and the weight of a maintenance worker.

• Vertical undulations, with low loss of static pressure, can be washed using a pressurized water probe.