All Inverter Modular Chiller

All Inverter Modular Chiller

Smart application of modular scroll inverter chillers to meet the loads required for the comfort of projects or refrigeration of industrial processes, according to their specific thermal demands. Smart and efficient investment flows.

MCA – AIR COOLED & FREE COOLING Transcalor Modular Chiller (air condensation). With modular unit capacities of 20TR and 40TR, with up to six modules installed per model.

MCW – WATER COOLED Transcalor Modular Chiller (water condensation). With modular unit capacities of 10TR, 20TR, 30TR, 40TR and 50TR, with up to six modules installed per model.


The Transcalor All Inverter Modular Chillers line is comprised of a range of unit capacities, which, when used in association in similar modules, increase in their refrigeration effect, allowing the result to be increased gradually, adjusting to the thermal demands of the project and the investor’s financial flows, so that capital investments can be made over time instead of up-front. This smart solution offers other benefits as well, because the whole control logic is established in the master module; in other words, only the first Transcalor All Inverter Modular Chiller is responsible for controlling subsequent units, which are denominated “slaves.”

By using a single hydraulic pump scaled to meet the full future demand of all planned modules, in association with a variable speed drive to control its rotation, allows for adjustable flow according to the number of modules installed and functioning at a given time. Similarly, Transcalor All Inverter Modular Chillers include balancing valves and flow control valves in their hydraulic systems, ensuring that flow is distributed properly among all of the chillers, preventing loss of load from benefiting some modules and harming others.

Because all of the compressors are inverters, the system ensures constant temperature stability and control, preventing start-up peaks, in an effort to meet and adjust to the current heat load demand and increasing energy efficiency. The Danfoss Scroll Inverter compressors used in All Inverter Modular Chillers range in capacity from 25Hz to 100Hz. The refrigerant is R-410A. The connections and couplings used in these modules also contributes to their ease of use; in order to increase versatility and agility, Transcalor has adopted Victaulic joining systems.

Manufactured in air-chilled and water-chilled formats, Transcalor All Inverter Modular Chillers can be built with three-phase electrical tensions of 220V, 380V and 440V, and the frequencies of 60Hz e 50Hz. They use brazed plate evaporators and condensers (for water), electronic expansion valves, 100% aluminum microchannel air condensers, and the exclusive Free-Cooling air condensation system, which allows the module to save energy in cold environments by turning off the compressor and cooling water using dual finned coils.