Feira Plástico Brasil!

Venham conhecer o Chiller de mais alta Eficiência Energética: o Centrífugo Turbocor, de mancais magnéticos e sem óleo.

Estamos na Rua F041.

Laboratory Sirius, Check it out!

Transcalor is in the phase of implantation of 5,400TR's (16 million kcal / h) of Centrifugal Chillers TurboTrans Oil Free Smardt Chillers to the Sirius Laboratory, built in Campinas.

Transcalor at Danfoss Brasil.

Education and knowledge are the weapons for positive change in the world. The Trancalor engineering team spent a week increasing their abilities in the Danfoss Brasil, check out!

Transcalor at AHR Expo 2018 in Chicago

Check out the Transcalor at the AHR Expo 2018 and see the releases! Transcalor in Partnership with Smardt Chiller Group Inc. participates in the main Launches.
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