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TurboTrans Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller

Transcalor manufactures and sells on Brazilian soil the most advanced technology of Centrifugal Chillers for Non-Oil Magnetic Bearings, which is the most energy efficient technology developed and recognized in the world. The name of the compressor that makes up this technology is called Turbocor, which uses the frictionless and wear-free Centrifugal principle generating efficiencies in the order of 0.32 kW / TR, soft starting current of only 2 Amperes, 0 to 50,000 rpm, lack of oil and maintenance, low noise and virtually no vibration. Transalor is the official and exclusive license of Smardt Chiller Group Inc. for South America, Smardt is a leading Canadian global company in the High Efficiency Chiller segment with manufacturing plants in Montreal, Plattsburgh, Guangzhou, Melbourne, Singapore, and Stuttgart, with the CEO & Chairman of Smardt being the original founder of Turbocor, sold to Danfoss in 2004 when it became the Danfoss Turbocor centrifugal compressor plant. Today all the equipment manufactured in Diadema - SP by Transcalor, has the star-up, training and local sales by the technicians Transcalor, trained in Montreal by Smardt, being the whole team qualified and certified to follow the design and manufacture fully as already conceived by Smardt and validated in several works around the world being that in 2016 the numbers were more than 5,000 Chillers installed and more than 15,000 Danfoss Turbocor Oil Free compressors used.