The Air conditioning sector is fully serviced by Transcalor with all types of Chillers existing in the world, each with its differentiation according to the capacity and type of compressor, generating a range of choices for the final customer, designers, installers and builders. Precision air conditioning systems have equipment specially designed for mission critical environments, with extreme technical validation in performance indices.

Energy Efficiency is a constant concern in Transcalor for Comfort equipment, so Transcalor is the only Brazilian company to commercialize and manufacture Chillers TurboTrans, the only one to have Centrifuge Oil Free technology, generating the highest energy efficiency in the world by use the TURBOCOR compressor. The other technologies are also provided with high technology regarding energy consumption, as is the case of the use of the compressors Scroll Inverter and VSD Screw (Screw Inverter). Product Lines that Meet the Comfort and Precision Air Conditioning:

- Chiller ScrollTrans.....from 1 to 240TR;
- Chiller VSD ScrewTrans...........from 100 to 400TR;
- TurboTrans Chiller.................................. from 80 to 2,500TR; efficiencies on the order of 0.3 kW/TR
- Precision Air Conditioners (Wall-Mounted, Self Perimeter, InRow, Roof-Top, Fancoil);