The application of water cooling towers from industrial processes, hull and tube capacitors or to the plates are frequent applications in the market, and by bringing evolution and tradition together, the Transcalor and Alpina partnership arose with the aim of providing the customer with the best cost-benefit , providing a quick and safe selection table, in the high technology certainty in the final product.

TMW and TMO Line

Designed for industrial processes requiring precise control at medium and high temperature, the Transcalor Thermoregulator operates on alternating heating and cooling circuits as a function of the value set in its programmable logic controller - CLP.

Hospital Chiller

These units are designed to perform the cooling of water or solutions through the refrigeration cycle, composed of components that perform the heat exchange, the movement of fluids, and allow the user to control the desired temperature of their process, these units bear the technical name of Chiller, which can be configured inside a metal enclosure.

Unidades de água gelada

São equipamentos projetados para realizar o resfriamento de água ou soluções através do ciclo frigorífico, composto por componentes que realizam a troca de calor, a movimentação dos fluidos, e permitem ao usuário controlar a temperatura desejada de seu processo, estas unidades levam o nome técnico de Chiller, podendo ser configurado dentro de um gabinete metálico.

Plate Heat Exchanger

They are built to the standard standard 316L Stainless Steel, and may also have variations for Titanium material on their Thermal exchange plates for highly corrosive fluids or else they need noble material to withstand chemical and mechanical resistance inside a metal cabinet.

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Cases Transcalor

Know why Transcalor is synonymous in the manufacture of Chillers, Exchangers and other equipment for temperature control in industrial processes.


Easy Financing

Our equipment includes a high nationalization index, allowing clients to access credit lines including BNDES Finame, Leasing, Proger, etc.

Institutional Video

Find out why the name Transcalor is synonymous with the manufacture of chillers, heat exchangers, and other equipment for controlling temperature in industrial processes.