Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heating. (Hotels, Academies and Residences). High Energy Efficiency & Ultra Silent. Transcalor's High Efficiency Heat Pumps are 100% manufactured in Brazil, the result of a partnership with the leading North American company Aquacal, which grants the intellectual property rights to the traditional Brazilian manufacturer of thermal products and solutions, Transcalor.

All Inverter Modular Chiller

The Intelligent Solution of Gradual Growth for Climatization of Comfort & Industrial Processes. Application Intelligent Modular Chillers Scroll Inverter to Meet the Required Loads in the Comfort of Ventures or in the Cooling of Industrial Processes, in Accordance with the Required Thermal Demand. Intelligent and Efficient Investment Flow.

Turn-Key Solutions

Transcalor has developed partnerships with several companies to develop the Turn-Key solution, which encompasses Chiller, Air-conditioning, Cold Water Pipe, Air Conditioning Pipes, RF / Magnetic Shielding and Quench Tube. We offer the complete solution, with the management of a single company, to Transcalor.

Chiller Radiotherapy

Transcalor has developed the TRT line, exclusive to the Linear Accelerator. We design specific equipment for the main models of Linear Accelerator.

Precision Air Conditioning and Comfort

Precision air conditioners are designed for the IT market. They are totally autonomous and designed with the highest technology available in the market. Each has airtight scroll compressors, air cooled condenser, high heat evaporator and control through a PLC.

Dry Adiabatic Cooler

The Transcalor Adiabatic Dry Cooler is an industrial water cooler made up of honeycombs (copper pipe coils expanded in aluminum fins) mounted in V-shape with fans on the top, and water spray nozzles on the side, all mounted in structure stainless steel.

Self Contained de Conforto

Self Contained can be Splitter, Remote, or Built-in type, and all types have both Air and Water condensing versions, and capacities for all range from 3TR to 50TR. Transcalor condensers are manufactured with high efficiency 100% aluminum Microchannel hives, which generate a number of benefits such as low refrigerant charge, less weight, less area occupied, prevents corrosion

Centrifugal Turbo Trans Oil Free

Energy efficiency has become over the years one of the biggest challenges of industrial, commercial, housing, building systems, data centers, etc., as energy and its distribution becomes more expensive each day, its sources more difficult. Transcalor offers Brazil in this partner the largest known and validated range of Turbocor Centrifugal Chillers capacities, whether it be Air and Water condensation, free-cooling, evaporative adiabatic, modular, split circuit or remote condenser.

ThermoChiller - TCH

Aquecimento e resfriamento controlado englobado em uma única solução, leva o nome de TermoChiller Transcalor. Composto pelo sistema completo de refrigeração (ciclo frigorífico) e de aquecimento por resistências elétricas com bombas e tubulações distintas no mesmo gabinete, a água ou solução resfriada é controlada de 5°C a 90°C.

Resfriador de Ar

O trocador de calor aletado Transcalor foi desenvolvido para fornecer ar a baixa temperatura através da troca de calor indireta por uma serpentina aletada onde circula água fria, proveniente de uma fonte externa (chiller Transcalor). Durante o resfriamento, ocorre também a desumidificação do ar, condicionando de forma que as características sejam apropriadas para manter a espessura, brilho, qualidade e velocidade de produção desejados pelo cliente.

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Cases Transcalor

Know why Transcalor is synonymous in the manufacture of Chillers, Exchangers and other equipment for temperature control in industrial processes.


Easy Financing

Our equipment includes a high nationalization index, allowing clients to access credit lines including BNDES Finame, Leasing, Proger, etc.

Institutional Video

Find out why the name Transcalor is synonymous with the manufacture of chillers, heat exchangers, and other equipment for controlling temperature in industrial processes.