About Us


Established by the Nista family, with deep experience and study in the areas of Process Refrigeration, Heat Exchangers, and Air Conditioning, the heart of Transcalor is in developing complete solutions in heating and cooling liquids, based on the cumulative management experience of its leadership team. Our team was carefully selected for its shared vision of innovating and continuous improvement of the solutions we offer, in order to ensure satisfied clients.

Our Quality Policy

Transcalor’s principal mission is to ensure the client’s satisfaction, by offering solutions that meet their needs, optimizing the productivity or performance of the process in question. That is why the competence of a dynamic, versatile, motivated, and up-to-date team is so essential. Our leaders constantly attend international trade fairs, to keep our offerings up to date, track global industry trends, learn about new components, and make new partnerships – all in order to offer our clients the best possible solutions. We share the results of that work through the many trade fairs and congresses in which we participate throughout Latin America (FEBRAVA, JPR, Plástico Brasil, among others in diverse market segments).

Innovation, determination, organization, ethical fiber, and sustainability are the pillars that support our company’s philosophy.

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Efficient heat transfer must be designed using smart solutions, comprised of modern technology, intense study, and environmental sustainability. Transcalor makes it a priority to offer these virtues to society, by implementing personalized products and services that surpass the market’s basic parameters of acceptability with respect to quality, timing, and price. The unceasing pursuit of knowledge and customer satisfaction are the energy that our company runs on.


Easy Financing

Our equipment includes a high nationalization index, allowing clients to access credit lines including BNDES Finame, Leasing, Proger, etc.

Institutional Video

Find out why the name Transcalor is synonymous with the manufacture of chillers, heat exchangers, and other equipment for controlling temperature in industrial processes.